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Hi - I'm Jackie. 

My family is everything to me.  I'm wife to my husband of 14 years and mom to my 12-year old son and 5-year old daughter. They are the center of my life.  Over the years, I've learned that I have to prioritize my own health if I want to be the best wife and mom I can be. 

But it wasn't always that way. 


I struggled with disordered eating and excessive exercise for a long time. It was all-consuming. However, when my son was born with a rare genetic syndrome, I knew things had to change.  Being healthy took on a whole new meaning. Not only did I need to be physically strong, but I had to be mentally and emotionally strong as well.


Exercise was no longer about burning calories to look good in a bathing suit.  I needed it for my sanity. It was my form of therapy or mediation in some ways.


And when my daughter was born, I knew that I never wanted her to hear me say the words "diet" or "I'm fat". I wanted to teach her about positive body image and that she is the leading authority when it comes to her body. 

I am far from perfect. But regardless of the chaos and craziness that life brings my way, I make time for myself because I know how important it is for me AND my family.  This is a choice I make. 

It's never too late to start taking care of your body.  I know it can seem overwhelming at first, but I will walk with you every step of the way on your health journey. 


We work together to figure out what you really want and how to get it.  I'm there to root for your success, help you overcome obstacles and keep you focused on the end result. The hardest part is saying YES to yourself, but I promise it will be worth it! 

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